Cannoli Fantasy

Italian inspired, this dessert combines the best of both worlds. A traditional cannoli filling nestles between layers of our distinctive yellow cake. What then? Frost with signature cannoli whip. Garnish with nibbles of Cannoli shell. Harmonize all this with a classic chocolate caress. Even a Corleone would growl, "una deliziosa torta!"

Chocolate Candy Cyclone

This force of nature will definitely leave you reeling in its wake! Note the classic pairing: moist, delicious chocolate cake and creamy chocolate buttercreme frosting. What could top that? Candy, of course! Fractures of candy favorites adorn the top of this chocolate blitz. Eat. Stretch. Repeat.

Citrus Samba

Delicious white cake. Creamy orange-bavarian filling. Fluffy, orange infused frosting. What more could you want? Your taste buds will start to dance! *Decorative detailing may vary in some stores.

Fudgy Chocolate Frenzy

If you crave a pleasurable death by chocolate, this should be your weapon of choice! Our dulcet chocolate cake melds with the uber-rich creaminess of classic chocolate icing. This is the dessert your mama warned you about!

Harps Hummingbird Delight

Our interpretation of a regional favorite will surely draw rave reviews! Fluffy yellow cake is the perfect backdrop for a luscious blend of our rich cream cheese and frothy whipped icings. Subtle notes of banana meld with tasty hellos of maraschino cherries, pineapple, and walnuts.

Hazelnut High

Seriously. This just may blow your mind! Fluffy yellow cake decked out with a silky blend of Nutella© and our signature white whipped frosting is a pleasure you won't want to resist. Trimmed in chocolate whip and finished with decadent chocolate details, we really can't guarantee that you won't become addicted.

Homestyle Carrot Sensation

The essence of southern comfort food! Moist and densely textured, this delectable dessert is dressed with a decadent cream cheese, raisin, and nut frosting. Delicate white chocolate designs make this cake as elegant as it is mouth-watering!

Lemon Sunshine

Your taste buds will thank you! Nestled within our delicious yellow cake, you'll find a yummy layer of zingy lemon filling. And it only gets better! Iced in a dulcet lemon whip frosting, shatters of lemon cookie garnish the base of this creamy confection. *Decorative detailing may vary in some stores.

Nudie Fruity

Naked cakes are all the rage, and our version bravely bares all! Our delicious cake, filled and skimmed with a flutter of white whip, has gone deliciously au naturelle. A medley of sliced strawberries, kiwi, and mandarin oranges is gently kissed with sweet blueberries. This charmer will delight your taste buds with a satisfying salvo of flavor! Choose from chocolate, white or yellow cake.

Peanut Butter Pandemonium

You're sure to start a stampede with this scrumptious dessert. Moist and lightly textured, this chocolate cake is the perfect complement to our creamy peanut butter buttercreme. Detailed with a rich classic chocolate drizzle and mini peanut butter cups, this cake would make any occasion one to remember.

Raspberry Champagne Rhapsody

Close your eyes and enjoy the ambrosial combination of our classic white cake and taste bud-tingling raspberry filling. As if this were not just about the limit, we've concocted an amazing frosting sashay of whipped and cream cheese icings, raspberry zip, and champagne tickles. A tasty composition, this dessert plays well in any venue!

Red Velvet Rendezvous

You'll definitely want this velvety classic all to yourself! Boasting delicate chocolate notes, our moist, deep red cake is suitably attired in rich, cream cheese frosting. Accessorized with white chocolate detailing, this fab dessert is red-carpet ready!

Southern Strawberry Feng Shui

Our tasty strawberry cake certainly harmonizes well with its surroundings! Signature strawberry buttercreme boasts luscious strawberry bits, while chocolate drizzled fruit swans in a swath of classic chocolate goodness. Heaven called...they want their cake back.

Velvety Mocha Bliss

Java infused frosting; moist chocolate cake; creamy caramel whip filling; decadent chocolate curls. The verdict is in: this dessert is marvelously indulgent!