Croissant Sandwich Tray

Delicious light and flaky croissants filled with our very best deli meats and cheeses. Smoked turkey breast, roast beef and smoked ham along with three top quality cheeses go into this ready-to-serve tray.
Appetizer Size

Martha´s Signature Tray

Our world famous, secret recipe rolls fresh baked especially for your guests. Filled with our very best gourmet deli meats - smoked turkey breast, roast beef and smoked ham and three top quality cheeses.
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Salad Sandwich Tray

Ham spread, pimento cheese and chicken salad on our delicious croissants, garnished with olives. Offers variety with class. Ready to serve approximately 20.
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Variety Sandwich Tray

For game day or your big day these sandwiches are guarenteed to satisfy! Baguettes, Martha Harp rolls, onion buns and croissants with our delicious deli meats and cheeses will make your day memorable.
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Garden Condiment Tray

Quality veggies fully prepared for your special meal. Tomato slices, onions, sweet pickles, banana peppers, jalapenos, green peppers and lettuce ready to serve approximately 15.

Traditional Deli Meat & Cheese Tray

This outstanding variety will fit all occasions. Favorites included are virginia baked ham, smoked turkey, oven roasted turkey, roast beef, hard salami, american, swiss, colby and pepper jack cheese crowned with olives.

All American Meat Tray

Entertaining is easy when you let our Deli do it. This tray has our most popular roast beef, Virginia baked ham, smoked turkey and oven roasted turkey breast. Irresistably delicious and super fresh. Three sizes to fit your needs.