Fresh, Quality Baked Goods

Cookies, doughnuts, cakes and more - it's all here in the Harp's bakery! We make many items fresh in the store to provide fresh items every day for our customers. If you need to customize or order a specialty cake, make an appointment to come see one of our award-winning decorators. They compete annually on a national level and exemplify our motto of "Delivering More Than Expected."

Martha Harp Country Cinnamon Apple Pie

Made with the freshest Ida Red apples, a tender and flaky crust, and a buttery cinnamon swirl throughout.

Martha Harp
Honey-Dipped Donuts

Simply the best donuts, our Martha Harp Honey-Dipped Donuts are tender, delicate, made fresh daily and topped with our specially formulated Honey Dip glaze. For an extra good donut and for that "Hot Now" experience, microwave for 5 seconds before eating.

Martha Harp Southern
Homestyle Rolls

Sweet, tender and a must for every dinner, our signature Martha Harp Southern Homestyle Dinner Rolls are available by the dozen or in handy six-packs. Reheat the rolls in our specially designed pan, add honey and butter and then get ready for a treat.

*Allergy Alert

Harps and Price Cutter Stores may use the following wholesome ingredients: Peanuts, Eggs, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Dairy Products, Fish and Shellfish.

Even if not listed on ingredient label, please be advised that all products may have come in contact with these ingredients.