gourmet tastes tray

Gourmet Tastes Tray

This tray is packed full of taste with cheeses from around the world. Dried fruits and nuts compliment the unique flavors of the cheeses and will leave you craving more!

spinach dip

Spinach Dip Bread Bowl

Our fresh baked bread is the perfect compliment to our spinach dip. Baguette slices provide easy eating. Serves approximately 25.

cheese tray

Variety Cheese Tray

Fresh cut deli cheese assortment available cubed or sliced. Swiss, Hot Pepper, Colby and Colby Jack with a cheese ball centerpiece. A classic!

European style tray

European Style Tray

Five mouth-watering cheeses from around the world paired with the fruit you love. All the freshest fruit ripe to perfection.

tasty treats tray

Tasty Treats

Five delicious flavors of sweet bread arranged with strawberries for that extra bit of color. Great for breakfast meetings or keeping the kids happy during that 5 course meal.

Fiesta Tray

Southwest Fiesta Dip

A feast of unmatched flavors that´s a real attention getter. A wonderfully arranged spread of chip toppers with refried beans, sour cream, avocado spread, all topped with cheddar cheese, tomato chunks and sliced olives... Olé!

Gourmet Tastes Tray Spinach Dip Bread Bowl Variety Cheese Tray European Style Tray Tasty Treats Southwest Fiesta Dip