What's included in the dinner?

Don't let all the stress of the holidays affect your dinner plans. Pre-order a dinner from your local Harps deli today! Each dinner is fully cooked and sold cold. They are ready for you to heat and serve in approximately 90 minutes.
Your family will enjoy a 10-12 lb Martha Harp fully cooked turkey, 1 dozen of our very best Martha Harp rolls, 2 lbs homestyle cornbread dressing, 2 lbs broccoli rice casserole, 1 lb homestyle gravy,12 oz cranberry orange relish, and 1 8" pumpkin pie.

Can I order any extras with my meal?

Yes! We have a selection of 1 or 2 lb sides, as well as sides you can order by the pound.

Call your local deli to order your dinner today!

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